Need For Speak

Revealing what we feel or what we think is a natural inclination. Sometimes the listener is only ourselves. Even only this mostly suffices to satisfy this incline. But not always. Some other times we need a second listener. It could be an imaginary listener, a possible reader we don’t know maybe. Not so good as a real one but better than the first, us. This is the exact point that when focused points to the core natural need mentioned above: Need for speak. That is not an easily ignorable thing. Some of us like saying “I’m ok with myself, no need to any other soul” with a confidential tone. But what about the psychological facts about human nature that could not be put aside? So if there is such a nature and if that is created that way, no use to see ourselves an exception of it. If we have a lot of real listeners no problem. If we have not, we could imagine them, and that is something. But we should know that a non-stop self-speaking is not a healthy option.