Writing in a Foreign Language Is Not a Bad Thing At All

CengizCebi tarafından

Let me write some in English language, my imaginery readers. Writing in a foreign language, if apparently there is no practical need in so doing , is seen sometimes as rooted from some kind of ‘inferiorial’ incline. This cannot be totally wrong of course. We are indeed ‘inferior’ in many aspects, though our ‘national pride’ doesn’t allow us to honestly admit it. But regarding the definition of “inferiority complex”, if we are aware of it, then for us it is not a complex, rather an explicit fact. So, no need to worry. We don’t need to see ourselves inferior when some serious problems of our cultural spheres, including our language are admitted. “Pride and Prejudice” can and should not restrict our vision to the ever growing universal knowledge. And if its main channel for decades has been a foreign language, namely English, so be it. It is not the “west man’s language” anymore. It is a common language, regardless of its historical/cultural origin. It is a powerful tool for a lot of things. Let’s use it.